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The 6 Centers of Learning

MorahsPlace is built on the six main learning areas in the preschool classroom.
You’ll find ideas, activities, and games to reinforce skill in math, literacy, science and sensory, play, art and block skills via your YomTov and Yahadus units.
At MorahsPlace, we’ll work with you to target all of the skills you want your preschoolers to master over the year in a developmentally appropriate manner.


Help your preschoolers develop healthy sensory integration by offering various science and sensory stimuli. You can make the science and sensory table a fun place to play and a fun place to learn. You want science to be a hands-on exploration experience; much of the material you’ll keep here will be sensorily satisfying as well as scientifically fascinating.

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Dramatic Play

Cooking meals. Dressing babies. Children love to mimic what they observe adults in their life doing. A Shul? Supermarket? Doctor’s office? The play center can become anything you can imagine!

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The preschool child’s initiation to “The Three Rs” starts here. Teach your students to play with blocks and they’ll build for a lifetime! Stock the block center well, with a full set of unit blocks, and enough props to make play inviting.

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Numeric skills, counting, number recognition, sorting, patterning, one-to-one correspondence, addition, subtraction, graphing, compare and contrast; there’s a whole lot of math for your preschooler to learn. And somehow, fine motor skills work their way in here, too.

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This is why we become Morahs, so we can color all day! Introduce your students to open-ended art. You won’t find cookie cutter projects here.
Embrace creativity and self expression. Offer many opportunities in art. Provide varied art media. Recycled goods are great!

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Good literacy makes good readers, great literacy makes great readers. Pump the phonemic awareness, vocabulary, critical thinking and comprehension skills to give your students the edge at Aleph-Bais and Kriah.

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